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Health Care (2.5 Years IT Management /IT Analyst )

  • Project Manager for most hospital IT projects
  • Manage performance of 3 vendor outsourced personnel
  • Manage Helpdesk workflow – HD Analyst Guidance and coaching
  • Metric reporting – Technical Escalations
  • Reduced downtime of Hospital Wireless access (Fixed and Managed system)
  • Improved project workflow of VOIP phone system (Fixed and Managed system)
  • Assessed, Deployed and Manage end-point encryption
  • Increased performance of wireless VOIP handsets (Fixed and Managed system)
  • Improved vendor relationship and performance
  • Improved customer experience and reduced cost of multi-function devices (130+)



  • Responsible for managing and improving the Technology Refresh & Ambulatory processes
  • Process assessment and improvement
    • Reduce customer turnaround times – Document processes, coach and develop personnel
    • Image creation, distribution & deployment

Leadership / (IT Engineer)

  • Responsible for client network assessments, proposals and implementation
  • Manage network installations including Servers, PCs (Windows Server 2003, 2011, SBS, XP, Windows 7)
  • Manage billing, technical and service related escalations
  • Improved efficiency of ticketing process, project management process, business processes
  • Streamlined work flow for client monitoring, response & customer communication
  • Consult clients on best practices, budgeting, direct internal IT personnel & identify business process improvements
  • Responsible for MS Exchange Migrations-Performance tuning – upgrades Windows 2003/2008/ SBS 2003 – 2011 – Active Directory GPO implementation to manage mass changes
  • Installed and configured SonicWall migrations, install and troubleshooting
  • Hardware / Software server (Windows) builds

Leadership (IT Support )

  •  Leading team of 9 personnel in support of over 1400 internal customers for client devices
  • Supported internal customers and department goals by focusing on Communication, Organization and Technical Skills
  • Helped develop a higher First Call Resolution processes by separating Help Desk from Welcome Desk (walkups) and injecting higher level technicians with more experience and empowerment
  • Nationally recognized for the standard by which customer traffic is managed by separating Help Desk, Welcome Desk and Desktop Ticket management
    • Reduced transaction time for field users from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes
  • Corporate recognized management of inventory control and asset management
    • Increased inventory success rate from <30% to 99.9%
  • Created four year Electronic Business Equipment refresh plan to meet budget needs and project departmental upgrades (provides better visibility for finance and customers)
  • Ensure that all phases of application support including installation, upgrade, software, hardware, and operating systems configuration issues are properly coordinated, monitored, tracked and resolved
  • Managed the design and development of ongoing training of application support personnel to ensure their proficiency meets standards for support of all systems and solutions.
  • Reduced annual telecommunications budget by 20%
    • Negotiated free handsets, air cards from two major business partners
    • Outsourced bill management to 3rd party vendor
      • Vendor reports pushed to all leaders for bill review (leaders, VIP, top teir)
    • Moved handsets to vendor with free text messaging and free data tethering and better billing rates
    • Negotiated credit per line of service activated ($50 to $100)
  • Partnered with major partner to manage large handset deployment project management
    • Reduced department personnel telecommunication investment from 5 to 2
  • Reduced MFP (Multi Function Printer) labor costs by 10% of an employee by:
    • Establishing an IT champion within departments to manage moves or peripheral swaps
    • Established printer experts to manage toner replacements for MFPs
  • Increased hardware approvals by establishing “pre-approved” groups for types of requests:
    • Blackberries, dual monitors and text messaging
      • Saved approximately 2% of an employee / 4 hrs per month
  • Designed and implemented “Single Refresh” process model
    • Process to upgrade laptop, cell, air card and RSA fob
  • Created Boundary Partner Meetings to distribute SLM (Service Level Management) data, inform and elicit performance feedback
  • Saved over $11,000 on 2009 electronic business equipment purchases (Based on relationship)
  • Removed 1st tier support for telecommunications to 3rd party.  Cost was built into existing payment structure
    • Savings of 10% of an employee (30 calls a month x .5 hour) hard savings
    • Savings of 3% field technicians having to wait for the replacement process (10 x .5 hour) soft savings
  • Saved  25% of an employee per month by implementing a units vs. tickets approach to multi-ticket types
    • 3 minutes per ticket X 200 tickets
  • Reduced inventory levels and increased customer expectations of EBE refresh process per annum of hardware and software budget by implementing JIT processes
  • Created and implemented Employee Purchase Program of PCs and laptops
  • Reduced laptop/desktop hardware vendor repair turnover rate by 50%
    • Added 20 hot spare pre imaged laptops
  • Reduced cost per unit of laptop/desktop hardware by 10%
    • Changed hardware configuration (NIC downgrade, Battery Cell reduction and HD RPM reduction)
  • Increased participation of the Customer Satisfaction Survey to an unprecedented 51% from 32%
  • Increased efficiency of internal team from an average hourly turnover to minutes and helped eliminate a full time person investment for administrative tasks
    • Awarded an employee with the Employee of the Quarter award for 3rd Quarter 2007
  • Managed building move of over 700 workstations for employees from multiple locations to new building (included scope, vendor selection and management of project)
  • Managed re-marketing of assets to collect over $32,000 in donation for local non-profit organization

Information Technology Business Consultant – (8 yrs)

  • Project manager for $480,000 casino gaming and network installation
  • Purchased, implemented, managed and configured the IBM and COMPAQ servers
  • Designed and implemented networking infrastructure
  • Focused on disaster recovery, setup of administrative procedures, and education of local staff
    • Administration of DHCP, DNS, WINS, Active Directory, Distributed File Systems, IIS, Veritas Backup exec with agents, and MS Software Update Service
    • Maintained and administered customer content and web site
  • Installed and configured custom systems, server builds and Terminal Server/Thin Client environments
  • Used PHP and MySQL for interactive database web development for corporate website
  • Interpreted and created user manuals after the creation of the applications
  • Designed & installed Wireless (WLAN 802.11b/g) Solutions in a small business and instructing environment
  • Upgraded and migrated Microsoft products including Domain Controllers and Exchange server
  • Designed and consulted issues regarding security at the administration & procedural levels
  • Verbally and technically communicated solutions to problems
  • Analyzed, assessed and debugged network/ hardware inefficiencies
  • Designed and implemented networking infrastructures in small to medium environments


University – Continuing Ed Instructor

  • Instructor for SOHO WiFi installation and security, Internet Security, Dreamweaver, JavaScript and PHP with focus on database implementation
  • Able to create and apply course curriculums in an educational or corporate setting
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