How to Attend a Meeting

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How to Attend a Meeting

Believe it or not people have expectations of you when you show up to a meeting.  When you don’t meet those expectations they think you’re fresh out of school or you’re a neanderthal   Here’s what you need to do.


However you find out you’re going to the meeting ask questions

  • What will my role be?
  • Do I have deliverables or am I presenting?
  • Is there an agenda?
  • Who will be at the meeting?
  • If the meeting is where food or drink is be sure to know if you should partake before the arrivals (error on waiting)
  • Bring a writing instrument and notepad, DO NOT use technology for notes or doing work
  • Wear a watch


  • Be on time ← be early by no more than 7 minutes
  • This is only a recommendation but I wouldn’t face the door or window as it becomes distracting and passers by think it’s ok to make gestures
  • Take notes on paper, DO NOT use technology for notes or doing work
  • Depending on your comfort level with the other attendees and how many people higher ranking than you are there be engaged enough but not so much you’re annoying
  • Be aware of rank and file when in a meeting
  • Take the time and effort to write down names and titles
  • Be respectful of the agenda wherever you are in the timeline of the agenda
  • Use your watch NOT your phone to look at the time (MT Tip and a good one)
  • Don’t pack up before the meeting ends
  • Don’t be late to your next meeting if you have one.  Very quietly get up and walk out without needing any attention
  • If you don’t have a meeting entertain the meeting slightly longer to accommodate the content
  • Don’t eat in front of other people unless you are very hungry and other are OK with it


  • Be sure as soon as possible document any action items and begin putting them in your Task List and put them into your calendar.  Delay this and you may suffer from “I can’t remember why I wrote that” syndrome.
  • Be sure to document any deliverable for you and put a reminder to follow up with them
  • I recommend writing notes on the agenda and then scanning it for future reference
  • Do not come back from a meeting and say you don’t know what happened in the meeting, bad things will happen

***Special thanks to ManagerTools for how to MANAGE a meeting visit  website or follow them on Twitter and subscribe  they’re a great resource for Leadership and Career advice


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