How to Build Resumes

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How to Build Resumes

Nearly everyone needs a CV or Resume sometime

Applying for a program before high school, going into some high schools, getting into college, getting a job after or before college or even retired from the military

Understand the purpose of a resume is to market you.  If that works they likely will ask for a follow up in person interview.

    1. First figure out WHY you need a resume
      1. You will need more than one version if you’re looking for (Check out this article on Monster)
        • Specific technical role / Leadership Role / Consultant / Contractor
    2. The WHY from #1 drives how you present your skills, experiences and knowledge
    3. Include information about your accomplishments that include these components:
      1. Your name, phone number and email
      2. Who you were when you did it (Work Title)
      3. When you did it (Dates of Engagement / Employment)
      4. What you did (Responsibilities)
      5. Who  you did it for (Organizational information)
      6. How well you did with it (Accomplishments)

Anything else means analytical time the HR department and the hiring manager don’t have time for

As a hiring manager I have little time to review why your resume is on my desk.  I have the time to validate you have the necessary skills and experiences to add technical value to my team.

As my friend (a recruiter says) be prepared to articulate the value you bring to them and use the resume to speak to that

**Be sure to check out the ManagerTools website or follow them on Twitter and subscribe  they’re a great resource for Leadership and Career advice

      1. They advise on the format of the resume and even give some good advice about where to put education and certifications (The bottom)
      2. They also recommend ONE Page  – this is great advice

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