How To Find a Job

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How to find a job


**When possible ALWAYS be prepared this means have a plan and have it current

  1. Document your accomplishments at work
  2. If you have reviews keep copies to revisit as you can use this to recall events
  3. If you keep notes for meetings or commitments to action items use these as references
  4. When possible take initiative at work for even small tasks and track it’s progress
  5. If you’re involved in projects document your role / contribution and document it


  1. Get your head straight – This means understand this is not a short process and understand this will take time and persistence
  2. Identify the type of job you want to get by profession or activity type
  3. Ask for current recommendation letters from a recent immediate leader, organizational leader, customer departmental leader
  4. Have a portfolio for carrying resumes
  5. Update your resume for each type of position you’re targeting
  6. Have a personal resume will notes and more details for reference
  7. Questions – Be sure you have at least 3 quality questions that are pointed but universal enough that you can reuse in each of the interviews (5 is better in case they’ve answered one already)
  8. Take inventory of your relationships
    1. -Vendors, Friends, Family, Coworkers, club members, religious organizations
  9. Have dress attire picked out and prepared
  10. Purchase Thank You cards and be prepared to fill them out.
    1. PURPOSE:
      1. Say thank you to the interviewers
      2. To commit to listening in the interview to what matters most to them


  1. Contact all resources
  2. Your goal is to submit at least 10 resumes / applications per week for quality jobs
  3. Look for a job before you need one / If you need one now then escalate urgency on the preparation steps


  1. Send the Thank You cards to each interviewer and put two things in it:
    1. Thank them for their time
    2. Restate what you heard was important to them

**Recommended Search Behaviors

  1. Have copies of your resumes with you as often as possible
  2. Practice interviewing with flash cards (questions and answers) Google tough interview questions and fill in your answers on a 3×5 card.  Keep it short and sweet and then remember it and practice delivering it
  3. Update your status with headhunters, LinkedIn and any other major job search websites
  4. Document your work history, referrals & previous home addresses and work addresses, and keep a copy of college dates
  5. Stay physically active even if you only stretch every time each day
  6. Keep a spreadsheet of where you sent applications and interviews, keep names, dates, locations etc
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