Interview Process Expectations

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Interview Process Expectations

Ok it’s time to look for a job, whether you’re just out of school, retired or laid off you need to know what to expect.

Things you will need

  1. Patience
    1. The process is expected to take several weeks
      1. 1 week to get yourself organized
        1. Get your information organized
          1. Addresses of previous jobs (10 years)
          2. Previous home addresses (10 years)
          3. 5 References – Tell them you’re leveraging them
            1. Name
            2. Address
            3. Phone number
            4. Email address
            5. Relationship / How you know them
            6. Known since what year
          4. Education / Certifications
            1. Name of designation (Degree name / Cert name)
            2. Focus, like degree type
            3. Issued by whom
            4. Issuance date(s)
            5. .PDF copy of the transcripts where possible
          5. Prepare questions for interviewers
            1. Questions that allow you to understand how you’re going add value
          6. Prepare answers for your accomplishments
          7. Prepare answers for the tough interview questions
            1. Results Require Relationships
              1. Tailor your responses to how you established a relationship and how you produced a result
            2. Performance Trumps Actions Every Time
              1. Trying is not a result, responsibilities are also not a result, focus on the results
              2. Mission First People Always
      1. 2nd week notify your closest contacts
        1. When you contact them be in good spirits, you’re not calling to depress them they already feel bad for you.  People want to see or hear you’re keeping your chin up as that will get you back in the workforce and add value
      1. 3rd week reach out to:
        1. Headhunters
        2. Placement / Human Resource agencies like Adecco, Teksystems and local agencies
        3. Update / Create accounts online like Volt, Monster, Indeed, USAJobs, Careerbuilder, Altres, AeroTek
        4. Update LinkedIn with a similar notice on your LinkedIn page as you communicated to your close contacts
    1. Patience with the interview process and hiring process.  It can easily take 3 to 4 weeks to get into the role you want even after you’ve done the 1st interview.  As a friend told me:  The process of hiring people is managed by people.  They take vacations, get sick and decide and just get busy.  Be patient with the process.
    1. Patience with ALL offers
      1. It’s great to get an offer and sometimes organizations only have the roles that they have.  You may get an offer for a position that you can’t afford to take, whether it’s fit, health benefits, training, upward mobility, location, pay or travel.  Regardless the reason it’s an offer.  If you are happy to take it then take it.  If you’re “on the fence” check out these articles and discuss it with a couple friends.
        1. On The Fence – Article 1
        2. On The Fence – Article 2
        3. On The Fence – Article 3
  1. Discipline
    1. This refers to a couple action items
      1. Apply discipline to your daily activities
      2. Apply discipline to your technique / process for applying and interviewing (see
  1. A schedule
    1. Schedule when you will do activities daily
    2. You’ll find most time is spent filling out applications, taking inquiries via phone and interviewing.
    3. Refrain from more than 3 interviews in one day
  1. A way to update or create your resume
    1. Get a PC or laptop.  If you can’t do this then you’ll need to handwrite it and ask a place like FedEx Printing Services to type it up
    2. They will not spend time formatting it so have that done already
  1. A way to print resumes as needed
    1. You need a printer or access to a printer
    2. If not then use a FedEx Printing Office to do the printing
  1. Generic thank you cards(Thank you
    1. This can be simple and not expensive – AMAZON
    2. You can say Thank You to everyone that takes the time to interview with you and when you do mention what you heard was important to them to demonstrate you were listening
  1. Resume portfolio – Thanks to MT (Manager Tools) – AMAZON cheap sample
  1. People will not always know where you fit in the organization and that’s ok meet with them.  If they’re interested in your resume and still want an interview that’s a good opportunity to create a relationship and good practice.  An interview creates a relationship and can turn into a referral.  Sometimes people are nice enough to take your resume to one of their contacts if you interviewed well enough
  1. Have a backup plan if needed.  This means you may need to have a plan if you find the job you’re expecting to get.  This can mean using savings or cutting back more expenses or temporarily accepting a different position to get “in the door”.

Thanks to repeat this over and over:  The goal of the Interview is to get an offer.  Be patient, be thankful, be disciplined, be prepared to repeat.  Go get the job.

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